The Trust’s audio library has been built up over many years and includes recordings with a large number of S&D staff, and others, who have provided their recollections of their experience of the S&D.

Amongst them are well-known figures such as Donald Beale and Peter Smith and of course, Ivo Peters. Originally all recordings were issued on cassette tape, and later some on CD, but they have now all been brought together as digital downloads. Please note that all audio volumes are now supplied only as downloadable audio files; we no longer send out CDs.

Digital downloads

You can now download all recordings for immediate playback. Add the recordings to your shopping basket and when you have completed checkout, go to ‘My Account’ where the downloadable products will be listed.

Once downloaded to your computer, phone or tablet, double-clicking or tapping on the file should start it playing. If difficulty is experienced, consider using the VLC player which is a well-known and respected third-party product and on which all testing of the Trust’s files was conducted. All recent portable audio players should be able to play these recordings also.

For Ivo Peters and Volumes 1 – 5, we now have sample audio files for you to listen to.

Note that, being originally produced for cassette tape, the audio files have a gap in the middle. Also, they were not recorded on professional equipment and therefore the quality varies, but is always acceptable.

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Ivo Peters An hour and a half of Ivo in conversation, blending fascinating anecdotes with his experiences of the footplate.
Vol. 1 The Pines Express Donald Beale and Peter Smith, followed by Arthur Bowen, Bob Downes, Albert Powis, ‘Ginger’ Ridout, ‘Nobby’ Whiting. A contribution from Ivo Peters.
Vol. 2 ‘The Branch’ and shipping A journey down ‘the branch’. Ivo Peters is our guide from Evercreech Junction to Highbridge and Burnham-on-Sea. At Edington, we hear ‘Chummy’ Andrews and colleagues recalling excursion traffic. Sam Evans talks to ‘Chummy’ Andrews and Peter Foster about the S&D’s shipping services. S&D staff contribute their memories of Highbridge Wharf.
Vol. 3 Locos & Locosheds Featuring Donald Beale and Peter Smith.

Class 2P, 4F and 7F. Interlude: S&D railway sounds – Christmas Chickens, Donald’s lunchbox. Class 9F. Black 5s and Standard 5s: Donald and Peter discuss the relative merits of the two types. West Countries, Scotties and Bulldogs. Pilot working at Midford.

Vol. 4 S&D Roundabout 1 53808 climbs out of Bath on a freight. Johnnie Walker – The Hamworthy Water Pipe! Guess the Sound… Templecombe Booking Office ticket dating machine. (14 February 1987). Dorset Central 125 Railtour. (14 February 1987). Book signing at the Railway Book & Model Centre, Bournemouth – Jim Boudreau, Peter Smith & Donald Beale. (7 March 1987).
Vol. 5 S&D Roundabout 2 92220 Evening Star on the last Pines Express. (Courtesy of Audicord). S&D 125 celebrations at Washford – former S&D engineman Frank Stickley talks about 53808. S&DRT Washford Weekend 1988 – opening of Washford shed by 53808, driven by Donald Beale. Commentary by former S&D Bath driver Norman Gibbons. BR Network SouthEast steam event at Salisbury 1986: (a) Sir Nigel Gresley – Peter Foster on the footplate of a famous locomotive. (B) Footplate memories – former Salisbury driver ‘Nick’ Hopgood looks back. (c) Sir Nigel Gresley departs for Yeovil Junction with the Blackmore Vale Express.

Templecombe gala day 1988. BR Network SouthEast steam event 1988: (a) 34092 City of Wells (recorded by Peter Foster on on 10 July 1988). (b) 48151 (recorded by Roy Miles on 24 July 1988). Weymouth gala day 1988. Up the bank with 88 – Donald Beale rounds off Part 1 with a song. (Acknowledgements to the writer and composer of The Runaway Train).

Vol. 6 S&D memories – Washford ’89 Johnnie Walker. L&SWR steam anniversary festival: Alan Worth reports from the Watercress Line. (1989 was the 150th anniversary of L&SWR steam in Hampshire). [Note: recording quality lower than usual]. Watercress Line continued. Portsmouth – Cardiff on a Sprinter; Peter Foster travels through the Severn Tunnel. The last word… with the sound of 53808.
Vol. 7 Templecombe days Introduction. Templecombe days from 1944 to 1957 by S&D Fireman Gordon Hatcher. Bath Green Park station – S&D Driver Archie Gunning and Fireman Jack Sawyer discuss the bad winter on the S&D in 1963. (S&DRT convention 9 March 1991). Templecombe days from 1940 to 1966 by S&D driver Percy Hobbs. Bath Green Park station – S&D Passenger Guard Bernard Ware and Signalman Fred Davies recalling their early days on the S&D with comments from Jem Harrison. (S&DRT convention 9 March 1991). Percy Hobbs recalls an experience driving 92220 Evening Star. Gordon Hatcher remembers an incident with a tea can at Evercreech Junction Shunters’ cabin.
Vol. 8 Highbridge recollections We hear from Bill May, a driver at Highbridge for over 46 years. Also ‘Chummy’ Andrews, who was a colleague of Bill’s. S&D steam sound, courtesy of Stuart Egbear. Sam Lane’s early days at Highbridge Works in the 1920s. S&D staff reunion at Washford on 18 August 1991. Templecombe driver Owen Hanham recalls a light-hearted moment. Joan Fisher on her father’s early days at Burnham-on-Sea. Joan’s husband Fred Fisher gives us a further insight into his driving turns at Templecombe. Nora Cook, who worked at Highbridge station in the war years.
Vol. 9 S&D memories – Washford ’91 Memories of former S&D staff during the reunion of 18 August 1991: Dickie Bird, Derek Howcutt, George Dyer, Bert Collins, David Walker, Fred Epps, Roy Pitman, Betty Spiller, Fred Fisher, Pat Holmes, Harry Jeans, Gerald Trowbridge, Johnnie Walker, Cyril Read, Dick Rendle, Bob Downes, Bill Bailey, Rodney Scovell, Derek Howcutt.
Vol. 10 S&D wartime memories Produced in 1993, featuring the memories of Percy Hobbs, Edna Simms, John Stamp, Paul Fry, Eric Elford, Ron Gray, Les Willsher.
Vol. 11 S&D memories – Washford ’93 Features the memories of: Wilf Perry, Mark Lambert, John Stamp, Norman White, Roy Miles, Bill Harford, Bill Bailey, Bill Silk, Fred Fisher, Gordon Hatcher, Percy Parsons and Fred Parsons, Reg Brewer, Tony Axford, Bill Silk.
Vol. 12 S&D memories along the line – 1994 Features: Betty Spiller with Peter Foster and Roy Miles, Will Locke with Peter Foster and Roy Miles, Arthur Bowen, Frank Staddon, Fred Lester, Frank Staddon.
Vol. 13 Closure, and happier times The memories of: Maurice Cook, Fred Lester, Arthur Kind, Eddie Skinner, Bill Harford, Betty Spiller with Peter Foster and Roy Miles, John Holt and George Dyer, Bernard Ware and Jack Hopkins with Peter Foster.
Vol. 14 S&D legends With some of the better-known S&D staff: Fred Epps, Bob Downes, Rev Alan Newman; a close friend of Ivo Peters.

Elsie and Dorothy Coward, John Sawyer and Ian Bunnett, Betty Spiller, Frank Staddon, Ron Snook.

Vol. 15 S&D 2000 Features: Frank Staddon (guard), Bob Downes (Shillingstone signalman), Maurice Miles and Keith Barrett (Templecombe firemen).
Vol. 16 S&D recalled Features: Bill Silk (fireman), Bob Downes (signalman), Emily Poole (Evercreech New and Shepton Mallet clerk) and Fran Staddon (guard).

File format

All downloadable audio files are in M4A format. There are two reasons for using this format; it provides better quality for a given file size than traditional MP3 and provides us with the opportunity in the future to add still images to the recordings.