S&D recalled – more recollections introduced by Alan Hammond

Issued in 2002.

1. Introduction.

2. Bill Silk talks about the bad winter of 1963 and how they tried to clear the line.

3. Bob Downes. Bob was a Signalman and talks to Peter Foster about working at Corfe Mullen Junction.

4. Emily Poole. Emily worked on the S&D during the war. Recorded in April 1998.

4. Frank Staddon. Peter Foster catches up with Frank on top of a open-top bus at Shillingstone! [Contains strong language].

5. Cyril Beale – starting with Cyril’s wartime memories. There is a long line of S&D service in Cyril’s family tree; his father was Station Foreman at Blandford, and his grandfather was a Goods Guard at Highbridge.

Running time 79 minutes. M4A format. File size 150MB.

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