Templecombe days on the footplate

Introduced and presented by Alan Hammond.

Produced in 1991 with recollections of Templecombe and Bath Green Park from firemen and drivers, plus a few snippets from elsewhere on the S&D.

1. Introduction.

2. Templecombe days from 1944 to 1957 by S&D Fireman Gordon Hatcher.

3. Bath Green Park station – S&D Driver Archie Gunning and Fireman Jack Sawyer discuss the bad winter on the S&D in 1963. (S&DRT convention 9 March 1991).

4. Templecombe days from 1940 to 1966 by S&D driver Percy Hobbs.

5. Bath Green Park station – S&D Passenger Guard Bernard Ware and Signalman Fred Davies recalling their early days on the S&D with comments from Jem Harrison. (S&DRT convention 9 March 1991).

6. Percy Hobbs recalls an experience driving 92220 Evening Star.

7. Gordon Hatcher remembers an incident with a tea can at Evercreech Junction Shunters’ cabin.

Running time 67 minutes. M4A format. File size 128MB.

All recordings copyright S&DRT. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, sharing or copying of this recording is prohibited.

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