S&D memories from the Washford reunion event in 1989 and L&SWR steam festival

Introduced by Roy Miles, former S&D Guard and author of Right Away with the Pines.

Part 1 was a recording with Ivo Peters – please refer to the special Ivo volume.

1. Johnnie Walker.

2. L&SWR steam anniversary festival: Alan Worth reports from the Watercress Line. (1989 was the 150th anniversary of L&SWR steam in Hampshire). [Note: recording quality lower than usual].

3. Watercress Line continued. [Note: recording quality lower than usual].

4. Portsmouth – Cardiff on a Sprinter; Peter Foster travels through the Severn Tunnel.

5. The last word… with the sound of 53808.

Running time 85 minutes. M4A format. File size 160MB.

All recordings copyright S&DRT. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, sharing or copying of this recording is prohibited.

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