Highbridge Recollections – including Burnham-on-Sea

Intoduced and presented by Alan Hammond.

1. We hear from Bill May, a driver at Highbridge for over 46 years. He started on 12 January 1920, became a passed cleaner in 1924 and became a fireman around 1934. He was passed for driving around 1939. Also ‘Chummy’ Andrews, who was a colleague of Bill’s.

2. S&D steam sound, courtesy of Stuart Egbear.

3. Sam Lane’s early days at Highbridge Works in the 1920s.

4. S&D staff reunion at Washford on 18 August 1991. Templecombe driver Owen Hanham recalls a light-hearted moment.

5. Joan Fisher on her father’s early days at Burnham-on-Sea.

6. Joan’s husband Fred Fisher gives us a further insight into his driving turns at Templecombe.

7. Nora Cook, who worked at Highbridge station in the war years.

8. Nora’s husband Maurice Cook remembers his driving days on the branch.

9. S&D steam sound: 53808 recorded on the WSR during the week of the staff reunion.

10. An amusing story from Bob Downes.

Running time 84 minutes. M4A format. File size 159MB.

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