‘The Branch’ and Shipping

Recorded conversations with S&D personalities, presented by Heather Foster.

1st half: A journey down ‘the branch’. Ivo Peters is our guide from Evercreech Junction to Highbridge and Burnham-on-Sea. At Edington, we hear ‘Chummy’ Andrews and colleagues recalling excursion traffic.

2nd half: Sam Evans talks to ‘Chummy’ Andrews and Peter Foster about the S&D’s shipping services. S&D staff contribute their memories of Highbridge Wharf.

Along with Ivo and ‘Chummy’, contributions are heard from Frank Jones, Will Locke, Stan Parfitt, Bill Pike, Ern Pike and George Wheadon.

Listen to an extract here.

Total running time 56 minutes. M4A format. File size 53MB.

Original sound recordings made on 23 June 1980 (Ivo Peters), 7 November 1981 (excursion memories), 1 May 1982 (shipping) and 4 June 1983 (wharf). Compiled in 1984 by Peter Foster. Train sounds from S&D recordings made by Mike Palmer in 1965/6.

All recordings copyright S&DRT. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, sharing or copying of this recording is prohibited.

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