Ivo Peters, photographed in 1969.

Ivo Peters, © Julian Peters 1969.

Ivo Peters is a name synonymous with the S&D line.

Having taken over 3000 photographs of the S&D and exposed over 4000 feet of 16mm colour film on the line, his collection forms a high quality, detailed record of a world long since vanished.

Here, Ivo – in conversation with the Trust’s Peter Foster – takes the listener on a nostalgic journey down the line from Bath to Bournemouth West and from Evercreech Junction to Burnham-on-Sea with brief memories of the Wells and Bridgwater branches.

At the end of the Trust recording, we include the BBC recording made in Ivo’s flat in the Royal Crescent, Bath, in 1987. Running through Bath was S&D Class 7F locomotive No. 53809 – where, by pre-arrangement, the whistle was sounded knowing that Ivo would be listening for it. This was originally included on a different volume.

Total running time 90 minutes. File size 85Mb, M4A format.

Conversations produced by Peter & Heather Foster in 1990 and compiled from recordings made in 1979/80. Ivo Peters and 53809 courtesy of and copyright of BBC Radio Bristol. Conversation recordings copyright S&DRT. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, sharing or copying of these recordings is prohibited.

The video below introduced the release of the digital downloads in June 2019. Here, Ivo provides an amusing recollection from Midsomer Norton where he wanted to be able to include the NCB colliery engine, Lord Salisbury, in the same photograph as an S&D 7F goods engine, going past on the S&D main line.

Here’s another extract from the recording of Ivo, with another recollection from Midsomer Norton.

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