S&D Roundabout 2

A collection from 1988; Evening Star on the S&D, 53808 at Washford, the Watercress Line.

1st section:

1. 92220 Evening Star on the last Pines Express. (Courtesy of Audicord).

2. S&D 125 celebrations at Washford – former S&D engineman Frank Stickley talks about 53808.

3. S&DRT Washford Weekend 1988 – opening of Washford shed by 53808, driven by Donald Beale. Commentary by former S&D Bath driver Norman Gibbons.

4. BR Network SouthEast steam event at Salisbury 1986: (a) Sir Nigel Gresley – Peter Foster on the footplate of a famous locomotive. (B) Footplate memories – former Salisbury driver ‘Nick’ Hopgood looks back. (c) Sir Nigel Gresley departs for Yeovil Junction with the Blackmore Vale Express.

5. Templecombe gala day 1988.

6. BR Network SouthEast steam event 1988: (a) 34092 City of Wells (recorded by Peter Foster on on 10 July 1988). (b) 48151 (recorded by Roy Miles on 24 July 1988).

7. Weymouth gala day 1988.

8. Up the bank with 88 – Donald Beale rounds off Part 1 with a song. (Acknowledgements to the writer and composer of The Runaway Train).

2nd section:

1. Woking 150. (30 May 1988).

2. On board a Wessex Electric (Class 442).

3. T9 120 and S15 on the Watercress Line. (S&DRT Dorchester Group outing on 18 June 1988).

4. Right Away with the Pines – a brief extract from a pre-publication read through of Roy Miles’ book (published by the S&DRT).

5. An encore from Evening Star on the Pines Express. (Courtesy of Audicord).

Listen to an extract here.

Running time 66 minutes. M4A format. File size 61MB.

All recordings copyright S&DRT. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, sharing or copying of this recording is prohibited.

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