Blandford; 92220 ‘Evening Star’ on last Up ‘Pines Express’, 08-09-62; G A Richardson


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BR Standard Class 9F No. 92220 (built 1960, with 82F Bath Green Park shedplate); named ‘Evening Star’ – the last steam locomotive built by BR workshops and, consequently, always destined to be preserved – is seen on the last Up Pines Express service to travel via the S&D on Saturday 8 September 1962. All through services were diverted after this date.

The train is rounding the curve north of Blandford and all 12 carriages can be seen – the load of 426 tons was a record for an unassisted load over the S&D.

The driver was Peter Smith – who can be seen waving – and the fireman was Aubrey Punter. Usually, the driver would have been Donald Beale and Peter would have been firing but on this occasion, Donald stepped aside to allow Peter an experience he would never forget.

The location in the photo is now part of the North Dorset Trailway.

Photo by G A Richardson. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2022_14_460.

Medium format 9 x 6 cm negative.

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