Templecombe; Lower Yard with 40126, 73047 and five 3Fs, 1960; G A Richardson



A fascinating view of Templecombe Lower Yard, looking approximately west with the 1950 brick-built engine shed and the spur line to Templecombe Upper – with two sets of home and distant signals – in the distance. From the angle of the sun – shining squarely on the southern end of the engine shed – and the shadow length, the photo was probably taken at around 11am in early November.

In the background, BR Standard Class 5 No. 73047 (built 1953) is blowing off while to the left, Stanier 3P Class No. 40126 (built 1935) is in light steam. 40126’s Templecombe allocation is shown as lasting from August/September 1960 until April 1961. Reports of 73047’s allocations vary and unfortunately the shedplate cannot be seen with sufficient detail to read it.

Another engine can be seen to the right of the engine shed at the head of a line of wagons.

In the foreground are five Johnson 3Fs, four with chimneys covered and one where the covering has been ripped off. The one nearest the camera is No. 43682 which is shown as being withdrawn in August 1962. The tender on 43682 carries a plate reading ‘LMS No. 2297’. There is still frost on these engines on the side facing away from the beam of the winter sun.

Photo by G A Richardson. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2022_14_287.

Medium format 9 x 6 cm negative.

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