Shillingstone station; Sturminster end of loop & Lamb House Bridge, 1962/3


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Looking north-north-west at Shillingstone (platforms behind) with loading gauge, headshunt and Up starting signal – on Down side of track. Sturminster Newton end of passing loop, Down Siding West and Down Home signal in the middle distance. In the high res. version of the image, Lamb House Bridge can be seen in the distance.

Photo believed to have been taken in 1962/3. The Down Siding West was no longer showing in a signalling diagram dated mid-1965 and the track of the headhunt to the left of the main line had been recovered beyond the points by that time.

Photo by J F ‘Eric’ Rimmer. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2018_15_30. See also WSHSD_2018_15_10 for a similar view taken a little further back.

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