Midford signalbox looking south-west, 1965/6


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Midford signalbox looking south-west. Whitaker tablet apparatus in front of box and permanent way gang huts beyond – rails visible extending from huts perpendicular with the S&D track. Man with hat inside signalbox. No date available for this image but likely to be close to the closure of the line* – see WSHSD_2018_1_13 for an earlier view.

Photo by David Milton. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2018_1_12.

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* An image on Geograph dated 8 November 1965 shows the can of paint on the window ledge that is visible in this image but the fire buckets, one of them marked BR, are still in place. Therefore it is believed that WSHSD_2018_1_12 is later than the Geograph image and most likely to be early 1966.