Masbury; general view of station, Summer 1961


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A general view of Masbury station taken from the road overbridge at the northern end of the station. Shows the road access to the former sidings of Medipadam Ltd. (later Roads Reconstruction Ltd.) on the down side, to the left (sidings were taken out of use in 1959), up and down line home signals, goods yard (still in use at this time), stationmaster’s house, signalbox (still with station nameboard) and station building/waiting rooms nearest to the camera. Note the fire buckets on the signalbox and that the platform lamps are still place.

Contrast with image 04-006 taken in October 1965 where the lamps, signals, signalbox nameboard and two of the fire buckets have all disappeared and the platforms are becoming grassed over.

Photo believed to have been taken in Summer 1961.

Photo by David Milton. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2018_1_78.

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