Cole; 41296 on Down passenger service, 1960; G A Richardson


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Ivatt 2MT Class No. 41296 (built 1951) pulls out of Cole station with a Down passenger service of four carriages in 1960. The number on the first carriage looks to be W 2650 W. Station building and signal box are visible, as is Cole viaduct, in the background.

Note the small lorry in the yard, next to the coal heap. Also, the single van and wagon at the end of the yard siding.

41296 is shown as allocated to Highbridge from February/March 1957, then Templecombe from April/May 1959 until August/September 1960. The loco returned to Templecombe in August/September 1965, then went to storage from December 1965/January 1966. Allocated yet again to Templecombe from January/February 1966 until withdrawn a few weeks later.

In the photo, the locomotive is wearing an 82G [Templecombe] shedplate.

Photo by G A Richardson. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2022_14_309.

Medium format 9 x 6 cm negative.

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