44560 (S&D No. 60) on Up SCTS special, Glastonbury, 28-03-65


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Ex-SDJR 4F class No. 44560 (built in 1922 as SDJR No. 60, withdrawn August 1965) with an Up (towards Highbridge) special; the Southern Counties Touring Society (SCTS) The Southern Wanderer, at Glastonbury & Street station on Sunday 28 March 1965. Leading carriage from set 290; fireman holding single line token.

Photo by David Milton, ref. 3/66. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2017_35_82. Note that David Milton recorded the date as 29 March 1965 – which was a Monday – but the date is given as 28 March at sixbellsjunction.co.uk.

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