A screenshot of some of the categories in our S&D photo collection section in the online shop

Trust members who have an account with the online shop will now automatically receive 20% off all of the over 600 downloadable images in our online shop and all of the downloadable audio files in our audio recollections section – including such figures as Donald Beale, Peter Smith and Ivo Peters.

If you have an account, log in, and the prices shown in these sections will fall by 20%, ie, the photos will show £1.20. Alternatively, add the items to your basket and then log in; the prices in the basket will immediately adjust.

New members, or members setting up an account with the shop, will normally have their discount added within 72 hours.

These and other benefits – along with our quarterly 40-page magazine – come with subscriptions that start at just £14 annually. New members joining now will have membership until the end of 2020. Why not join us now?