The S&DRT photo collection

The Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust's photographic archive contains over 3000 S&D images. These are steadily being scanned and those for which we hold all rights are now being added to our online shop.

Our starting selection included 57 images from Evercreech Junction - covering all sorts of locomotives, services and scenes - plus others from Midford, Chilcompton, Masbury, Spetisbury and Highbridge.

We then added over 70 images taken at or near Evercreech New with a focus on double-headed express passenger services and followed with a special category, collecting together all the closure excursion trains that were listed under their respective locations.

July additions; updated 7 July: New images in existing categories; Masbury 10, Midford 1, Chilcompton 1, Prestleigh 3. New categories; Stalbridge category started with 3 images, Stourpaine with 1, Blandford with 5 images. 

Images: 800-pixel wide JPEG images are available for immediate download upon completion of the ordering process - click on 'My Account' to access them. Should you be interested in greater detail, please see the high resolution photo enquiries page via which we can supply you with higher resolution images for personal use. Images can be browsed by location, or use the site search at the top right of the screen where any relevant data can be inserted, eg, date (DD-MM-YY), locomotive number, etc.

Pricing: 800-pixel wide images (immediate download) are £1.50. 3000-pixel wide images (on request) are £6 and full-resolution (on request, where available) are £10. 

Many hundreds more images for which we hold all rights are already scanned and waiting to be added; however, many need extensive processing (colour correction, blemish removal, tone expansion, noise reduction and detail enhancement) before being included online - indeed, more images from the locations already featured will appear in time.

Please note that S&DRT members who have used the new online shop and set up an account, on or before 13th January 2018, will automatically receive a generous 20% discount on the photo collection when they next log in - it may be worthwhile joining us before ordering! If you have membership and have not already used the online shop and would like to receive discount straightaway when ordering, please register with the shop (click 'My Account') and then email editor[@] (remove the square brackets from the email address) to have your discount activated as soon as possible.

  • Why not get a more detailed view of an S&D subject of interest with a higher-resolution image? To obtain either 3000-pixel wide (available universally) or full resolution images (available on most images other than the John Woods colour... more info