31 July 2019

Formerly an electrical engineer, Vic Whittaker started model engineering in 2004 with Great Western engines. He's made a BR standard in 5” gauge followed by a GWR King (Charles I) in 7¼” gauge then a couple of years ago a GWR 14xx class in 7¼”.

However, Vic knew the Mendips well and had often seen Ivo Peters' car parked at lineside locations. So why not an S&D 7F?

Vic started by approaching the Trust for information and Trust members have been able to read about the construction of the loco over several issues of our magazine. The steam test has been done and next weekend it is hoped to have the 'little' 53808 hauling passengers.

The full story of the completion of the loco will be in the Autumn issue of our magazine – look out for a special membership offer soon! Members can also access previous issues of the magazine in pdf format, right back to issue 1 in 1966.