Ivo Peters with his 16mm film camera, photographed beside the S&D line.

Ivo Peters' death on 7 June 1989 marked the end of an era, in S&D terms. On our Facebook page, we have a short clip with Ivo telling an amusing story about a visit to Midsomer Norton station.

This is part of around 90 minutes of recordings of Ivo from 1979/80 that along with 16 other audio volumes, mostly staff recollections, are now available as digital downloads in our online shop. Many years ago, they were issued on cassette tape and some have more recently been sold on CD.

The recordings of Ivo – in conversation with Trust member and Dorchester group organiser Peter Foster – are a very special record of times past. The Trust gave both Julian Peters and Mike Arlett prior access to the recordings before the re-issue in downloadable format.

{Photo copyright R C Riley]