Bridge 200 at Blandford being widened in March 1900.

23 October 2019.

Although much is heard about the decline of the S&D, here it is at its zenith, being expanded.

This is Bridge 200 at Blandford, being widened in March 1900 to allow the doubling of the track to the south.

Starting in our Winter magazine, due out in late November, Jonathan Edwards has a new series looking at the doubling work and the decision-making surrounding it. Make sure of your copy – new memberships last until the end of 2020.

He'll continue with a close look at two of the Stour river bridges; Fiddleford (No. 175) and Hodmoor (No. 185), investigating how the main spans were double track width but the approach spans were only built for single track.

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[Photo by anon/Thomas Maidment album, S&DRT collection]