Pines Express magazine, issue 292

Our Spring magazine is out now with plenty of S&D reading and photos – why not join us?


  • BR's 1960 deliberation on S&D through traffic: the S&D went from investment to plans for complete closure in under four years – this article tells the story of how the outlook changed and how it was intended to accommodate the through traffic on other routes. Based upon the content of original documents that are now part of the Trust's archive.
  • Modelling an S&D 7F in 7¼” gauge: we're now at part 4 and Vic has completed items that would be impossible to reach with the boiler in place and… has run the engine on compressed air. Music to his ears!
  • Researching S&D photographers: Dave Bown finds that there is quite a story behind photos of the Bridgwater branch by Owen Prosser and speculates as to his purpose in travelling on the branch that day.
  • S&D stations part 16 – Bath Green Park: after the smallest station on the line, David Grimwood now describes the largest in the latest installment in his series.
  • Percy Parsons: after a set of points was altered at Highbridge, Burnham excursion passengers found themselves in a vehicle with no seating. How would the Station Master be appeased?
  • S&D photos by Gwen Chapman. When young enthusiast Tim Chapman was being taken around the S&D by his aunt, she also took photos; we have a selection of her work.
  • Itinerary from the SLS Special on 6 March 1966: the first two pages from this fascinating document.
  • Centre-spread photo: an October morning at Midsomer Norton South in 1965.
  • No less than eight pages of news… and much more!