The S&DRT and S&DRHT are excited to announce a formal agreement which will see some of the S&DRT’s unrivalled collection of museum artefacts placed on long-term display at Midsomer Norton. In particular, this will include several large station running-in boards from the northern half of the S&D line. It is anticipated that these items will be on display later this year.

Additionally, other items from the S&DRT collection will be displayed on a shorter-term, rotating basis, with the items being chosen by membership representatives from both organisations.

The two Trusts hope that this initial agreement will be the start of a developing relationship that will in the future see more of the S&DRT’s unique collection complementing the restored station, line and operations at Midsomer Norton.

The Chairman of the Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust, Ian Young, and the Chairman of Somerset & Dorset Heritage Railway Trust, Stephen Lacey, commented “This is a significant, and welcome development for both Trusts. We believe that much progress, in terms of promoting the history and awareness of the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway, can be achieved by cooperative ventures such as this. We look forward to future developments”

17 August 2021