Brian McDermott writes, “The Wishlist Poll will be running from 15 October to 3 November at: This annual poll provides an easy and enjoyable way for modellers and collectors to indicate to the major manufacturers and commissioners of ready-to-run 00 railway models what they would like to see made.

The 20 categories cover steam, diesel and electric locos; DMUs; EMUs; passenger and non-passenger-carrying coaching stock; freight and departmental stock; standard gauge industrial locos; and London Underground.

You will find many S&D items to vote for.

The accompanying Guide to The Poll – about 95,000 words plus 1800 links – is particularly useful if, for example, you don’t know the build dates of the various BR Mk1 catering vehicles, or whether one particular diesel shunter will suit your needs better than others.

S&D author, Brian Macdermott, is the ‘lead role’ and will be happy to answer any queries: