We’ve introduced four new wagons that operated on the S&D, all in either OO-gauge (£15) or O-gauge (£44) – OO illustrated.

They’re proving extremely popular – so don’t wait too long before ordering as only one batch has been ordered.

Links below each product image take you directly to the ordering point for that item in our online shop. In the shop listing, there’s also further background information on the original operators of the wagons.

7-plank wagon based on the Twerton Co-operative Society’s No.1: OO-gauge / O-gauge.

5-plank wagon based on Champion Brothers of Glastonbury, No. 4: OO-gauge / O-gauge.

5-plank wagon based on No. 50 of J & C H Spurrell, coal merchants: OO-gauge / O-gauge.

7-plank wagon based on a S&D Loco Coal Wagon No. 1179; one of 80 such wagons: OO-gauge / O-gauge.