The Beer Festival at Washford – part of the WSR's Diesel Gala – got off to a good start on Friday and continues through the weekend.

We've also got pies, pasties, tea and coffee available and many visitors have been looking around Coach 4, our restored 1886 S&D First Class carriage.

Why not drop in? Beer is being served from 12 noon until the evening on Saturday and until around 3pm on Sunday.

Please note that the train is the recommended way to the Festival as car parking and evening buses are limited.

These are the beers, all from breweries in the South-West:

Art Ales – Lemon (4.2), Beat Ales – Rockola (5.3), Black Bear – Strong Ale (5.1), Black Tor – Wheat (4.5), Branscombe – Hells Bells (4.8), Bristol Beer Factory – TBA, Croft Ales – BSA (4.0), Electric Bear – Mosiac (4.8), Fine Tuned – Pitch Perfect (3.8), Gleed Brewery – Bretts Best (4.6), Hatties Brown – Light (4.0), Isle of Avalon – Pompile Porter (4.5), New Bristol – Japan (4.8), Pitchfork – Pitchfork (4.3), Pitchfork – Hop Gun (4.3), Ralphs Ruin – Dark One (TBA), Twisted Oak – Spun Gold (4.5).