Top; the van and wagon that moved on 10 March; below, other vehicles included in this agreement and the two unrestored carriages which are subject to a further agreement.

The Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust and the North Dorset Railway, Shillingstone are pleased to announce that a formal loan agreement has been reached which will lead to a number of the S&DRT’s rolling stock and museum exhibits being transferred to Shillingstone for display and joint restoration. The transfer of the first two wagons was completed on Friday 10th March and the transfer of the remaining items will be taking place over the next few weeks.

The NDR and S&DRT look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship to promote the history and heritage of the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway, with the aim of establishing a long term future presence for the S&DRT at Shillingstone.

[Photos: Graham Cooke, David Temple, Rod Ormston, Beverley Zehetmeier.]