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Membership benefits

Pines Express issue 298

All members receive a copy of our quarterly magazine, the latest edition of which is the winter issue. Despite the situation with Covid-19, the magazine is packed with great reading material and photographic content, including:                                      

- Bridging the River Stour. Over nine miles, the original Dorset Central Railway crossed the Stour four times. Jonathan Edwards starts a fascinating two-part article which looks at these substantial structures, three of which required re-building within 30 years of their construction.

- Personnel of the Somerset Central Railway and the Bristol & Exeter. Following on from a recent article about relations between the Somerset Central and the Bristol & Exeter, Steph Gillett has a close look at some of the people involved.

- 1960s summer Saturday single-chimney 9Fs: Ivo Peters wrote “All 9Fs transferred to the S&D over the years were of the double-chimney type. So if you saw a single-chimney 9F on the S&D it was obviously ‘borrowed’!”. Here, Steph Gillett finds more information and pictures illustrating the work of the three 'borrowed' locomotives.

-Timing of trains – Somerset & Dorset; an addendum. Davis Wrottesley, a retired railway manager who spent 30 years in timetabling, wrote in issues 281/2 about the complexity of the train services at Bath Green Park and how these could have been planned. In this article, he re-visits the subject in the light of information that has appeared since and considers night-time operation and platform dwell times.

- S&D stations part 23 – Wimborne. We might not think of Wimborne as a part of the S&D, but before the Broadstone cut-off opened in 1886, it was a focus of S&D activity – as David Grimwood describes.

- The S&D Joint Railway and its locomotives. Reproducing a series of articles published in 1900-02 as the S&D approached its zenith.

- Royston Larcombe – a tribute. Following the news in the last issue of the death of this well-known former S&D fireman, we include the tribute from his funeral.

- Eight pages of Trust and general S&D news. Including photographic coverage of the move in August of the Trust's S&D 7F No. 53808 from the West Somerset Railway to the Watercress Line.

- Four-page Trust sales supplement.

44 A4 pages including the sales supplement.