6 August 2019.

The 'little' 53808 completed by retired engineer Vic Whittaker was hauling the first passengers at a park local to his home in Leyland, Lancashire on 4 August.

Vic was understandably pleased, saying “A very well mannered loco which steams extremely well – in fact on the climb away from the station it will hold the red line on the steam pressure gauge even when both injectors are full on…. Performed like a dream, very powerful but held back a bit until it is run in.”

“In all we ran for four and a half hours continuously (about 50 kilometres) with two passenger trucks full of people. We all felt that two trucks was a bit of a light load but rain stopped play before we could put on more.”

“Now all back in the dry. PS, for the eagle eyed the steam dome profile is not correct – awaiting some brass plate to modify it.”