15 October 2020

53808 has been in steam in preparation for the Watercress Line gala weekend from 16-18 October, this running providing the opportunity to bed-in the new piston rings.

Please note: the gala event is completely sold out. There are no tickets left and no access to stations during the event for people without tickets.

53808 at Ropley on 13 October

Above, 53808 is seen at Ropley at 1.30 pm on Tuesday 13 October. [Photo by Brian Kennedy].

53808 beside the signalbox at Ropley on 13 October

53808 beside the signalbox at Ropley. [Photo by Brian Kennedy].

Just before 5 pm on Tuesday, 53808 came through Medstead with a string of carriages. [Photo by Brian Kennedy].

53808 at the platform at Ropley on 14 October.

Now moving to Wednesday 14 October, here is 53808 at Ropley with a string of goods vehicles. [Photo By Richard Bentley].

53808 between Medstead and Ropley on 14 October

53808 runs down from Medstead to Ropley on 14 October. [Photo by Richard Bentley].

53808 at Medstead and Four Marks station on 14 October

53808 at Medstead on 14 October. [Photo by Matt Bentley].