Winsor Hill; 75023 & 73051 on Up ‘Pines Express’, winter 1961-2 (1); G A Richardson


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BR Standard Class 4 No. 75023 (built 1953) and BR Standard Class 5 No. 73051 (built 1954) are working hard with an Up (Manchester-bound) Pines Express near Winsor Hill. There is no date given but the loco allocations and the bare trees suggest winter 1961-2.

The train is passing over Ham Wood viaduct; the bridge number – 75 – can be seen on the high res. image. A footpath crossing and ‘beware of trains’ sign can also be seen. Noteworthy is that both lines are on concrete sleepers; the Down line using bullhead rail and the Up line, flat-bottomed rail.

The trackbed from Shepton Mallet up to this point has now been largely opened up for public access.

75023 is shown as allocated to Templecombe from September/October 1961 until September/October 1962 and withdrawn in January 1966. 73051 is shown as allocated to Bath Green Park from new until withdrawal in December 1965.

Photo by G A Richardson. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2022_14_135. See also WSHSD_2022_14_136.

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