The Bristol to Radstock to Frome Line


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This is an excellent and informative history of the subject, what can best be described as a series of small branch lines running through the countryside to the south of Bristol and west of Bath. It is recommended for anyone interested in the history of regional British railways. This edition is 240 pages with photographs, maps and diagrams included in the text.

The whole line was closed to passengers in 1959, but the profitable goods and mineral traffic continued. In 1966 it was decided to split the branch into two sections: Mellis Road to Frome and Kilmersdon Sidings to Bristol. Fortunately the intervening 2½ miles remained in situ, so when a flood washed away the embankment north of Pensford, the Radstock to Bristol line was closed and Kilmersdon Sidings to Mellis Road re-opened.