The Book of the BLACK FIVE 4-6-0s – Part 3: Nos 45225 – 45471


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Part 3 deals primarily with what came to be the largest batch of ostensibly identical locomotives to run on the LMS. These ‘Mark 2’ Armstrong Whitworth locomotives may have started life all the same but there will be sufficient for the engine picker to work with, and the final twenty pre-war engines also covered in this volume introduce plenty of subtle differences.
The books are arranged in the approximate chronological sequence in which the locomotives were introduced, with an added twist that particularly in matters such as boilers and tenders there is a certain amount of back and forward cross-referral. In the spirit of ensuring that if you buy one book you will surely need the others to complete the set then some details are covered in more depth in the earlier books and only summarised in the later parts.
These go anywhere locomotives could be found almost countrywide during the 1950s not just on the London Midland, Scottish and North Eastern Regions.
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