Donald Beale & Peter Smith turning No. 73019 at Bath Green Park loco depot, 1958-60 (1)



Driver, the late Donald Beale (d.1996) and fireman Peter Smith were a well-known footplate duo on the S&D in the late ’50s and early ’60s, able to extract the very best performance from their steam engines.

Here, Donald (facing camera) and Peter are turning BR Standard Class 5 No. 73019 at Bath Green Park loco depot. 73019 is shown as allocated there from May/June 1958 until September/October 1960 and this therefore may provide a date range for the photo.

Photo by G A Richardson. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2022_14_205. See also WSHSD_2022_14_206, and WSHSD_2022_14_204 for a view of Peter firing 73019 on the tough climb to Masbury summit.

9 x 6 cm medium format negative.

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