Corfe Mullen Junction; 92001 on Down ‘Pines Express’, 1961-2; G A Richardson


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BR Standard Class 9F No. 92001 (built 1954) is pictured approaching Corfe Mullen Junction with a Pines Express service from Manchester to Bournemouth in glorius summer weather. There is no date given but the locomotive allocation suggests 1961/2. Note the carriage board indicating the service; ‘(Bournemouth) – Manchester’.

The leading carriage is M 21027.

The tracks from Bailey Gate had originally been two single lines, one to Wimborne and the other for the newer route to Broadstone but in the early 1900s, a new signal box and crossover enabled the line from Bailey Gate to be operated as normal double track, thereby increasing capacity. More information here.

The signal ahead of the train is set for the crossover while the adjacent signal – given that the Wimborne line was by then only a short stub used for wagon storage – is a shorter, corrugated, subsidiary arm with constricted spectacle plates so that the signal lights would not appear as bright at night as the main signal.

Just ahead of the signals is a track maintenance team’s trolley hut – note the rails emerging from the hut perpendicular to the main line track.

A 25 mph speed limit sign for the crossover precedes the signal box – with windows wide open – the level crossing and the original crossing-keeper’s house. Just visible in the trees is the Up Home signal (the distant is not visible); see also 03-027.

92001 is shown as allocated to Bath Green Park from May/June to October/November 1961 and again from June/July 1962 until the following September/October.

Photo by G A Richardson. Copyright S&DRT. Our ref. WSHSD_2022_14_128.

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