Photo Gallery & Videos

The Trust holds a collection of more than 3,000 S&D photographs, with many photos of all the stations. The huge task of scanning all of these is well under way and a proportion are already available from our online shop.

Low resolution images are available for immediate download with higher resolutions - both for personal use and media - available on request.

The photos on this page will give you a feel for the S&D generally. We are grateful to all the photographers who have kindly allowed us to use their photos - our thanks to Tim Chapman, Mark Brookes for the drawings of Glastonbury, Andy Viles, Jeff Grayer, Philip Howard, Alwyn Ladell, Peter Russell, Alan Sainty, Trevor Cousins, The Railway Magazine, Chris Leigh, The late Reverend John Sutters with thanks to his son Phil Sutters, and Duncan Chandler.

We are always looking to add more images and plans to our collections. If you know of any that we could use please get in touch with us here or here.

Videos: The Trust has produced a number of short videos in the last couple of years; they are available to view here on Vimeo; alternatively they can also be accessed via our Facebook page.

Check out our modelling page.

Album: Historical Gallery 1
Album: Historical Gallery 2 Woods Collection
Album: Historical Gallery 3 Duncan Chandler Collection
Album: Historical Gallery 4 Duncan Chandler 2
Album: Historical Gallery 5 Duncan Chandler Collection 3 the Pines at Bromsgrove
Album: Historical Gallery 6 Duncan Chandler 3
Album: Historical Gallery 7 Duncan Chandler 4
Album: Historical Gallery 8, Adrian Vaughan Collection 1
Album: Historical Gallery 9, Adrian Vaughan 2 Evercreech Junction