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EPPS'S Cocoa

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EPPS’S Cocoa, GWR-style vent van. No.9

Dr John Epps (1805 – 1869), was one of the pioneers of homeopathy in Britain. Dr John Epps was not the first person to invent soluble cocoa powder, but he discovered a way to make it more appetising, mixing the cocoa with 20% West Indies arrowroot and 13% sugar. His brother James Epps, a London merchant, was largely responsible for presenting the product to the mass market; He heavily advertised Epps’ Cocoa, and by 1855 had coined a distinctive slogan, “grateful and comforting”. Epps’ cocoa was first sold from 1839 for the use of patients for whom tea and coffee were restricted. The almost prohibitive duty on cocoa had been greatly reduced in 1832, allowing the market to grow exponentially. Epps’ Cocoa was initially produced under contract by instant cocoa powder pioneer, Daniel Dunn of Pentonville Road. Epps established his own factory at 398 Euston Road, London in 1863, with a new steam-powered works established at Blackfriars in 1878. Epps was the largest cocoa powder producer in Britain, with an output of nearly five million pounds a year. At its peak the firm processed half of all cocoa imports into Britain. Epps Cocoa later becoming ubiquitous on stations across the country in the form of blue and white enamel signs.

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