Vol 8 - Highbridge recollections

Highbridge Recollections - including Burnham-on-Sea

Intoduced and presented by Alan Hammond.

Part 1A:

1. We hear from Bill May, a driver at Highbridge for over 46 years. He started on 12 January 1920, became a passed cleaner in 1924 and became a fireman around 1934. He was passed for driving around 1939. Also 'Chummy' Andrews, who was a colleague of Bill's.

Part 1B:

1. S&D steam sound, courtesy of Stuart Egbear.

2. Sam Lane's early days at Highbridge Works in the 1920s.

3. S&D staff reunion at Washford on 18 August 1991. Templecombe driver Owen Hanham recalls a light-hearted moment.

Part 2A:

1. Joan Fisher on her father's early days at Burnham-on-Sea. 

2. Joan's husband Fred Fisher gives us a further insight into his driving turns at Templecombe. 

3. Nora Cook, who worked at Highbridge station in the war years. 

Part 2B:

1. Nora's husband Maurice Cook remembers his driving days on the branch.

2. S&D steam sound: 53808 recorded on the WSR during the week of the staff reunion.

3. An amusing story from Bob Downes.

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