Vol 13 - Closure & happier times

Closure & happier times

Introduced by Alan Hammond and produced in 1996. Covers the closure period and the happier times preceding the wielding of Dr Beeching's axe.

As Alan says in the intro., "Now let's sit back in our armchairs and enjoy those marvellous days on the Somerset & Dorset Railway..."

Parts 1A/B:

1. Introduction.

2. Jeremy Ellis with S&D staff Maurice Cook, Fred Lester, Arthur Kind, Eddie Skinner and Bill Harford.

Part 2A:

1. Betty Spiller with Peter Foster and Roy Miles.

Part 2B:

1. Steam sounds. (Courtesy of Audicord).

2. John Holt and George Dyer.

3. Bernard Ware and Jack Hopkins with Peter Foster.

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