Audio files - S&D recollections

The Trust's audio library has been built up over many years and includes recordings with a large number of S&D staff, and others, who have provided their recollections of their experience of the S&D.

Amongst them are well-known figures such as Donald Beale and Peter Smith and of course, Ivo Peters. Originally all recordings were issued on cassette tape, and later some on CD, but they have now all been brought together as digital downloads.

Digital downloads

You can now download all recordings for immediate playback. Add the recordings to your shopping basket and when you have completed checkout, go to 'My Account' where the downloadable products will be listed.

Once downloaded to your computer, phone or tablet, double-clicking or tapping on the file should start it playing. If difficulty is experienced, consider using the VLC player which is a well-known and respected third-party product and on which all testing of the Trust's files was conducted. All recent portable audio players should be able to play these recordings also.

Note that whilst all recordings have Parts 1 and 2 (these originally being the two sides of a cassette tape), owing to the downloadable file size limit in our online shop, except on Volume 4 all parts have been split into two sections A and B. So to hear the whole of Volume 1, Part 1, you will need to purchase Part 1A and Part 1B. When you have downloaded them, add both files to the playlist of your media player, select Part 1A to play and the two sections should play seamlessly.

On the VLC player, you can select Media > Open Multiple Files > +Add; add the files to the list, then click Play. Alternatively, some apps are available (notably for Android) that should enable the two parts to be merged into one file.

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File format

All downloadable audio files are in M4A format. There are two reasons for using this format; it provides better quality for a given file size than traditional MP3 and provides us with the opportunity in the future to add still images to the recordings.

  • Ivo Peters is a name synonymous with the S&D line. Image © Julian Peters 1969 Having taken over 3000 photographs of the S&D and exposed over 4000 feet of 16mm colour film on the line, his collection forms a high quality,... more info
  • The Pines Express - with Donald Beale and Peter Smith Recorded memories of S&D Railway personalities introduced by Peter Foster. The Pines Express came into service in October 1910 and ran from Manchester to Bournemouth West via Bath. It was... more info
  • 'The Branch' and Shipping Recorded conversations with S&D personalities, presented by Heather Foster. Part 1A/B: A journey down 'the branch'. Ivo Peters is our guide from Evercreech Junction to Highbridge and... more info
  • Locos and locosheds - featuring Donald Beale and Peter Smith Recorded conversations with S&D personalities, introduced by Peter Foster. Featuring Donald Beale and Peter Smith. - Parts 1A: Class 2P, 4F and 7F. - Part 1B: Class 7F continued.... more info
  • S&D Roundabout 1 Produced in 1987; a varied selection of steam, recollections and railtours! Part 1: 1. 53808 climbs out of Bath on a freight. (Courtesy of Audicord). 2. Johnnie Walker - The Hamworhty Water Pipe! (S&DRT Bournemouth Open day... more info
  • S&D Roundabout 2 A collection from 1988; Evening Star on the S&D, 53808 at Washford, the Watercress Line, and more from Ivo. Part 1A: 1. 92220 Evening Star on the last Pines Express . (Courtesy of Audicord). 2. S&D 125 celebrations at... more info
  • S&D memories from the Washford reunion event in 1989 and L&SWR steam festival Introduced by Roy Miles, former S&D Guard and author of  Right Away with the Pines . Part 1 was a recording with Ivo Peters - please refer to the special... more info
  • Templecombe days on the footplate Introduced and presented by Alan Hammond. Produced in 1991 with recollections of Templecombe and Bath Green Park from firemen and drivers, plus a few snippets from elsewhere on the S&D. Parts 1A/B: 1.... more info
  • Highbridge Recollections - including Burnham-on-Sea Intoduced and presented by Alan Hammond. Part 1A: 1. We hear from Bill May, a driver at Highbridge for over 46 years. He started on 12 January 1920, became a passed cleaner in 1924 and became... more info
  • S&D memories from the Washford reunion event in 1991 Introduced and presented by Alan Hammond. During the reunion of 18 August 1991, Alan spoke to many former S&D employees. Part 1A: 1. Dickie Bird who transferred to the S&D on... more info
  • S&D wartime memories Produced in 1993, this recording - introduced and presented by Alan Hammond - looks back to the war years. Part 1A: 1. Aircraft sounds. (Courtesy of the BBC). 2. Introduction by Alan Hammond. 3. Percy Hobbs. 4. Edna Simms.... more info
  • S&D memories from the Washford reunion event in August 1993 Introduced and presented by Alan Hammond. Part 1A: 1. Introduction. 2. Steam sounds - Andrew Fisher and courtesy of Audicord. 3. Wilf Perry. 4. Mark Lambert. 5. John Stamp. Part 1B: 1.... more info
  • S&D memories along the line - 1994 Introduced and presented by Alan Hammond. Part 1A: 1. Introduction. 2. Betty Spiller with Peter Foster and Roy Miles. Part 1B: 1. Will Locke with Peter Foster and Roy Miles. 2. Steam sounds with Andrew Fisher.... more info
  • Closure & happier times Introduced by Alan Hammond and produced in 1996. Covers the closure period and the happier times preceding the wielding of Dr Beeching's axe. As Alan says in the intro., "Now let's sit back in our armchairs... more info
  • S&D Legends Introduced and presented by Alan Hammond. Alan talks to some of the better-known S&D staff. Produced in 1998. Parts 1A/B: 1. Introduction. 2. Fred Epps. 3. Bob Downes. Parts 2A: 1. Rev Alan Newman, a close friend of Ivo Peters.... more info
  • Recollections recorded just prior to the new Millenium 16 years after the first volume was published, Alan Hammond collected together a mix of steam sounds with marvellous tales from Frank Staddon's 33 years on the S&D. There's more from... more info
  • S&D recalled - more recollections introduced by Alan Hammond Issued in 2002. Parts 1A/B: 1. Introduction. 2. Bill Silk talks about the bad winter of 1963 and how they tried to clear the line. 3. Bob Downes. Bob was a Signalman and talks to Peter... more info