Modelling the Somerset & Dorset Railway

The railway has proved hugely popular with modellers, and a wide range of SDJR models is available in 4mm and 7mm scales. While there are some ready-to-run examples in 4mm scale, most come in kit form.

We hope modellers will share your experiences, questions and responses by contributing to these pages and through the 'Pines Express'. We also hope to pass on information about new releases, as they become available. Please let us hear from you, either here or via the Editor of the ‘Pines Express’.

The Trust has held a highly successful annual Model Railway Exhibition in January for over 40 years. 

The Trust stocks a number of 00 Scale limited edition wagons, inclduing some newly added versions which can be viewed in the Sales section.

Hazelwood Models has announced a 4mm. S&D 'Dazzler' loco kit as a 3D pt]rinted model to be available soon. Transfers are being printed for it now. Stewart has been developing this over the last two years, and will include a 12v motor, bevel gears, motion kit and NEM couplings. The kit will be sold via EBay.

Furness Railway Wagon Company has recently brought out a number of S&DJR items in 7mm. scale, including a 6-plank open wagon, a 5-plank wagon with raised ends, a road van, a 2-plank open wagon, the 20-ton mail brake van, a peat wagon, and has plans to introduce a large cattle wagon, a 10-ton brake van and one of the 2-4-0 side tank engines (No. 27A). Check their website here.

Existing kits and models have been listed by Russ Garner, and is available here.

Richard Barton explains clearly about modelling SDJR coaches taking account of different roof heights and other detailed differences here.

We will be adding more information and news of layouts in the coming months. We are always pleased to hear about your modelling, and welcome photos and articles. Email them to us here.

Youtube links to Andrew Pearce's S&D Model Layout.

Bath Green Park and Writhlington Colliery

Somerset and Dorset Railway Feb 2015 (Part 2)

Somerset and Dorset Railway Feb 2015 (Part 3)

Somerset and Dorset Railway Jan 2015

Somerset and Dorset Freight and Banking

Somerset and Dorset Railway Jan 2016

Somerset and Dorset Railway 1st Jan 2016

Somerset and Dorset Railway 22nd Dec 2015

Somerset and Dorset Railway Dec 2015

Somerset and Dorset Railway Dec 2015 update

Bath Green Park. 43012 recently allocated to the Somerset and Dorset Railway