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Barry Graving Dock & Engineering Co. Ltd.

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The BARRY GRAVING DOCK AND ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED was a Private Limited Company established on the 8 April 1889. The company’s first graving dock (dry dock) was opened at this time, located at the north-east corner of Dock No.1 adjacent to a site that would later accommodate Barry Docks Railway Station. The graving dock was 226m by 30.5m, with an 18.3m wide entrance closed by a floatable caisson’ It was backfilled after 1996.  The dock could accommodate 4 vessels simultaneously and by 1898, 2183 vessels had used the dock. In 1898 the company constructed a new single graving dock alongside the original double dock. The company become well known as ship repairers, iron founders and dry dock owners. The company existed for 129 years and 2 months prior to being dissolved.